Thursday, July 28, 2011

just do[ing] it...again!

I'm falling asleep on day two of another socal Nike trip. This round the US Open of Surfing is the main dish in Huntington Beach. I've been excited about this for months and my anticipation couldn't even prepare me for the Nike 6.0 takeover on Huntington beach that greeted me as I cruised up PCH.
The entire set up isn't even completed yet and it's already amazing.

Couldn't even complete training without having Nike swag shoved at me...the horror. ;)
Pay me in the swoosh, I'll be a happy girl.

Today I tagged along at the EKIN Women's Training University (why, SURE I'll get up at 5am!). It was held at The Standard hotel in downtown Los Angeles...which is hideous. Don't go it's totally confusing and there is absolutely no continuity in theme. Unless I just REALLY missed it, I was incredibly confused and bothered by the interiors and uniforms. Incredibly.

Watching the EKINs in action was both informative and exciting. Not to mention a bit overwhelming! Learned all about the new Nike Free XT Quick Fit Training shoe, new bra line, and legend pant. It sounds so underwhelming when you list it off like that but all this stuff gives me such a warm  and fuzzy feeling inside. Watch this and tell me you don't get swoosh-bumps!

The associates at the University tested out their new product in a trainer-led Nike workout and then we all had a catered lunch rooftop in the LA sunshine.

Tomorrow is a beach day with the homies and my chance to "mentally prepare" as everyone has been advising me to do for the USO madness to come. A week long surf competition, a BMX and skate exhibition on the beach, concerts by MGMT and Jimmy Eat World, shirtless boys everywhere...this is conducive to a productive work environment?! Fine by me!

Check out the USO's site or their facebook page...and get a load of this hottie:
Brazil really knows how to grow 'em and Nike 6.0 really knows how to pick 'em. I will trade all of my new Nikes for this guy. 

Well...maybe 1 or 2 pairs...
kicks before... :-x

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